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Photography by The Hippy Coyote 1966 to 1999.  
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THE Photography of THE Coyote

Coyote in Sally Kuehn's Newfoundland living room.Early Self-Portrait
Newfoundland 1970

Graveyard Self-Portrait
1989 Self-Portrait
Handpainted by Coyote
then tortured in photoshop

American Zen 4
1992 Self-Portrait
Last 35mm Photoshoot



Coyote Self-Portrain BrentwoodAlthough Coyote enrolled in the UCLA Film School Program to become a director, he always ended up as photographer or cinematographer on the many school projects he worked on.

Coyote Shoots CoyoteWhile still in UCLA Film School, Coyote worked for several magazines shooting concerts in the Los Angeles area. From the orchestra pit of the Forum to the slam-dance mosh pits of the valley punk clubs, Coyote's cowboy hat, was often blocking someone's view in the front. "My hat kept people from standing right behind me and bumping me when I shot," explains Coyote.

Coyote's assignments included Steve Miller, Keith Richards, Skid Row, Soundgarden...

Coyote worked under the business name, "ROCKTOGRAPHY BY THE COYOTE," as he specialized in rock concerts and rock band photoshoots.

Some coffee table photography books are going to be published by Shaolin Communications, titled, ROCKTOGRAPHY BY THE COYOTE.

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