Rocktography by The Coyote


I was a member of Newspaper Guild #69 in Los Angeles, California.  When I worked commercials and music videos I carried my photography bag and often shot for fun.

The 60's

Coyote the photo pup has fun with his Kodak Brownie camera. He shoots flowers on his porch and snakes striking with fangs exposed directly at the camera lens.

Coyote excels in a Black & White photography class where he learns to print his own photos.

Coyote also shoots some polaroids which he will experiment a lot with during the 1970s until they stopped making Polaroid film.

The 70's

Psychedelic Rock Opera composer.

Richard Del Connor becomes a recording engineer and completes his first 12-song record album, BONITA, in 1974.

In 1975 Richard wrote his first rock opera, Underground, partly inspired by the Charles Manson book, Helter Skelter.

The 80's

From garages to Capitol Records our UCLA Film School student is shooting a couple concerts and rock group publicity shoots each week.

Screamer Magazine and L.A. Rock Review run ads in the classifieds: "Rocktography by The Coyote" is a camera with a montage of Coyote photos.

Coyote shoots a lot of Black & White photography for newspapers without flash, using the concert lighting.

The 90's

The last decade of 35MM film photography. The Coyote used "Short Ends" which were the leftover unexposed movie film of Kodak. RGB Labs in Hollywood was Coyote's last 35MM film processing lab.

Coyote spends the 90s as a Mr. Mom in Salt Lake City, Utah. He sends his exposed film negatives by mail... until they shut down... ending Coyote's "FILM CAREER."

In 2019 Coyote became an "iPhoneographer" with his iPhone 11 in Lancaster, CA.

Rocktography by The Coyote

Newspaper Advertisement: "Rocktography by The Coyote"
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